Technical Support

Understanding the cost benefit at the start is the key in budgeting and planning for such a network to turn into a revenue-generating utility. Proper bandwidth planning and network managing may not only increase network’s reliability and efficiency, but essentially reduce the overall costs of service.

However such tasks should be implemented by high-skilled personnel and sometimes the associated costs may bring this optimization to naught. Sat Telecom may take care about your bandwidth planning and look after its utilization during entire duration of the lease. We may also help to resolve problems caused by interference of another systems or distortions.

Lease Management

Our high-skilled staff may assist you with planning of your bandwidth, including:

  • Link budgeting
  • Definition of a frequency plan and its negotiation with satellite owner
  • Line up support
  • Migration / upgrade planning

Network Monitoring

In cooperation with its regional partners Sat Telecom is able to monitor a spectrum of various geostationary satellites and to provide the customers or end-users with information about actual utilization, as well as notify about any carriers’ deviations within monitored bandwidth.